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Building a Bridge Between The Classroom and the Community

We need an education system that can keep pace with students as they continue to explore and find their place in the world.

Why Start a Foundation?

The Zaring Family has a tradition of providing service above self to our community according to examples set by our parents. This includes military service, educational initiatives, service clubs and various volunteer organizations supporting worthwhile causes. It was something we were expected to do, and we enthusiastically did it ...

Raising Readers

The issue of literacy is close to my heart. Residents of Madisonville are fortunate to have a model comprehensive Early Literacy Program for at-risk children who might otherwise never experience the true joys of reading.

Changing the Culture of Our City through Intentional Cross-Cultural Experiences

Much has been written about race relations, cross-cultural relationships, and the challenges associated with getting diverse groups to live in harmony, yet this goal remains elusive for most cities, including Cincinnati. I have a fundamental belief that if we can appeal to people’s hearts, we can win this battle and change our city, one heart at a time.

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Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes works with Designs on Madison to offer a unique design center that Olinger describes as a way for homeowners to put together a variety of custom ideas.

Restored and Revitalized: OTR's Transformation

Old becomes new again as beautiful, historic buildings are being renovated into luxurious homes attracting both young professionals and empty-nesters.