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Good Works: Fit For Life

Four years ago, Brian Miller had lost his job, his apartment, his car and his girl. With the help of Self Sustaining Enterprises, he now has his own business and helps others. Read another motivating story about the heart of the marketplace by Chuck Proudfit.

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Flex Schedules

It can't work for every job, but the benefits of flexible schedules and remote work make for happier, healthier employees.

Shopping Cart Etiquette on the Decline in America: Ponder & Apply

Every day more and more examples of the lack in shopping cart etiquette are seen in stores across America.

Business Gets a Bit Cloudy for the SMB

Cloud technologies are providing significant benefits, including cost efficiency and scalability, to companies of all sizes—not just enterprises.

Your Board: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

A board can help you get perspective and strengthen your decision-making by confronting you with opposing viewpoints. Every leader needs honest, objective feedback and someone to ask tough questions.

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Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes works with Designs on Madison to offer a unique design center that Olinger describes as a way for homeowners to put together a variety of custom ideas.

Restored and Revitalized: OTR's Transformation

Old becomes new again as beautiful, historic buildings are being renovated into luxurious homes attracting both young professionals and empty-nesters.